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As a specialised boutique firm responsible for some of Australia’s most significant commercial property sales, MRE has a significant depth of experience across all major asset sectors.

You’re looking for the best price and the best conditions. We’ll get you both.


We align our interests with yours. Unlike typical agencies, all of the MRE team benefit from every MRE transaction. This removes internal competition and promotes a collaborative and unified approach through the sharing of information, contacts and experience and delivers the best outcomes for you. 

genuine added value


Absolute focus

MRE is selective in the assets and clients we represent, undertaking a limited number of major appointments at any one time. This ensures complete commitment to your transaction and comprehensive asset level knowledge during the campaign.

Wide reaching investor network

The MRE team has a deep and longstanding knowledge of the global real estate investment markets and its participants. Over many decades, we have nurtured relationships with the key decision makers within the most active and aggressive investment teams, both domestically and internationally.

Our track record is indicative of this extensive network, with over 90% of our sales in the past decade having transacted to a different buyer. We do not sell to friendlies, we find and sell to the best buyer to achieve the best result for you.

Outstanding track record

MRE’s reputation for dealing in the sale of major assets is well-earned with our team being responsible for transacting in excess of $14 Billion of commercial real estate. MRE is renowned for successfully transacting, not only high value assets, but highly complex ones.

Unmatched cross sector experience

MRE has sold across every major asset sector in the Australian market. This experience uniquely enables us to draw from a buyer pool far wider than other agencies’ sector specific sales teams. Many investors, particularly offshore privates, are driven by a risk versus return basis rather than a specific sector mandate. MRE has the capability and depth of relationships with senior decision makers to convert these buyers to new asset classes, as we have done on a multitude of occasions.

No conflicts of interest

MRE is solely devoted to the sale of major assets. We do not offer property valuation, leasing, management or consultancy services, thereby removing all conflicts of interest and distractions. This specialised approach enables equal treatment of all buyers in a campaign, which ensures the best results for you.

Our team

Our highly regarded team pulls from a diverse experience pool including development, construction, capital markets and agency leading to an unparalleled asset level understanding and ability to create genuine value to the sales process.

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